5 refreshing and energetic drinks on this summer

5 refreshing and energetic drinks

Healthy foods and refreshing drinks are your best friends instead of chicken foods to beat the heat and stay fresh. Make these 5 refreshing and energetic drinks on this summer at home to break this heat and have fun.

1.Almond juice:

Syrup almonds are consumed by thirst as well as caters to your nutritional needs. It is also very easy to make. Add soaked and peeled almonds, pinch of saffron, green cardamom grains and sugar as much as you like in milk and grind. Delicious juice is ready.Almond juice

2.Watermelon juice:

Watermelon is the best fruit to fill the body with dehydration in summer. A glass of watermelon syrup gives you instant energy. Cut the watermelon and separate the seeds. Add watermelon pieces, little sugar, salt to taste, lemon juice and a little water and grind them in a grinder. Delicious Watermelon juice is ready.watermelon juice

3.Banana shake:

Banana shake is the best to give the body strength. It keeps your energy up. Banana shake is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fats. This mixture of milk and banana restores the lost energy of the body along with getting rid of lethargy.banana shake

4.Honey juice:

Drinking honey mixed with water helps in eliminating not only energy but also excess body fat. It is very easy to prepare. Mix honey in lukewarm water and mix well then add ice. Your honey shake is ready.honey juice

It is not easy for those who go out to cope with the scorching heat. The body can easily become dehydrated in this season but a glass of this wonderful drink is beneficial in minutes. It can be easily prepared at home with simple ingredients.

5.Plum and Tamarind juice:

Soak tamarind and plum  also known as ( Aloo Bukhara ) in water overnight, squeeze the pulp in the morning and separate the kernels. Put this water and pulp in the pan and add sugar as per your taste and cook. Then filter this solution. Add the desired syrup, water and ice to the jug, and your refreshing drink is ready. So must try these 5 refreshing and energetic drinks and enjoy this summer.Plum and Tamarind juice

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