Benefits of alum: for skin, teeth, and more

Benefits of alum

There are many Benefits of alum but we discuss some main and useful of theme. Alum also known (Phatkari) in Asia is easily found every medical or herbal stores at a very low price but its usefulness is very high. The use of alum is best in both cases of cleaning and removing wounds, beautifying the face and strengthening the teeth and etc.

Benefits of Alum

Alum is not a special item but health treasures are hidden in alum. Due to its medicinal properties, it is used to treat various diseases. So lets see some great benefits of alum.


One of the great benefits of alum is cleaning pimples from faces. After grinding alum and filtering it with a cloth, mix it with water to make a paste and apply it only on the pimples and wash it off after 20 minutes will remove pimples.

For wounds:

A pinch of alum dissolved in a cup of warm water and washed twice a day will heal the wounds. Alum is a great thing for cleaning wounds. It removes rotten and dirty flesh.

Cracked heels:

By burning alum and grinding it finely, mixing it with coconut oil and applying it on the heels, the back heels are cured.


Itching is of many types and in all cases it is painful. Burn alum and making them into ashes and massaging them with an egg white gives relief in all types of itching.

Stomach pain:

Stomach pain is very painful. Whenever there is such a problem, eat a pinch of alum and eat curd on top. Stomach pain gets immediate relief.

For teeth:

Grind alum and kikar charcoal by same weight and filter it with a cloth. Applying it on the teeth gives relief in all dental diseases.

Nasal odor:

If there is a smell from the nose, dissolve it in water and clean the nose with this solution. This process will stop the smell from the nose.


Just adding a pinch of alum and a pinch of salt to the shampoo washes away dandruff.

Head lice:

In babies is a big problem for mothers. If alum is dissolved in water and the head is washed with this water, lice do not occur in the hair

Cough and asthma:

Dissolving one teaspoon alum in water and drinking three times a day relieves cough. Mixing it with honey and taking it in the morning and evening also gives relief.

Ringworm and psoriasis:

Grind alum and mix it with water or vinegar and applying two times a day to get rid of it. Vinegar is the best medicine for the skin, if it is mixed with alum, it has double benefits.

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