Benefits of eating dates

Benefits of eating dates

Many people don’t know great Benefits of eating dates. Dates are a fruit that has immense medical benefits and according to experts every person should eat 10 dates every day. Dates are found everywhere in world specially in Asia Pakistan but the best quality of dates are only found in Saudi Arabia (UAE). The Times of India in its report has listed such benefits that knowing you will make it an essential part of your daily diet.

Benefits of eating dates:

Dates are rich in protein. It contains a variety of proteins that strengthen our immune system along with the rest of our health. Dates are very low in fat and have no cholesterol at all. That’s why   doctor suggest to eat two to three dates daily to make body strong specially in children dates  makes the bones strong and helps to increase height.


Dates also contain many types of vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, A1 and C and eating 10 dates daily will not cause deficiency of vitamins in your body. Dates provide instant energy to the body. So keep some dates in the office or work place and eat dates when you feel hungry. Just two dates provide you with 40 grams of carbohydrates instantly. Dates are also rich in potassium and are very low in sodium and this mixture is very useful for strengthening the nervous system.

Dates are also an elixir for sexual impotence in men and women. Patients with impotence should soak dates in goat’s milk daily at night and eat it in the morning. Dates also prevent abdominal cancer, they produce stomach acid which protects the stomach from cancer and keeps it cool. They also contain fiber which is good for the stomach and also keeps the blood pressure in moderation.

Dates also contain magnesium, which helps the body absorb calcium, resulting in stronger bones and teeth. Dates are also very beneficial for the skin as they contain vitamins, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and all other nutrients. It makes the skin soft and supple, lively and elastic, removes shadows from the face and erases the signs of aging.

The potassium found in dates also protects against stroke. Dates are rich in iron, which relieves physical weakness and stabilizes hemoglobin levels. Dates are also very useful for hair strength. Eating 2 to 3 dates daily strengthens hair follicles, making hair strong, soft and shiny. Experts consider dates as an ideal food for hair health. Dates help in gaining weight, so those who have become very thin due to weakness should consume dates.

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