for long and healthy lifestyle: we have to do five things

long and healthy lifestyle

Every two to three people in every home suffer from these diseases because we can not pay attention to our food and drink. For a long and healthy lifestyle, we have to do five things to avoid sugar, blood pressure, stomach, liver, cholesterol, uric acid, kidney stone, and other major diseases.

How to avoid sugar-blood pressure and uric acid: We have to do five thingslong and healthy lifestyle


1. Food:

Food in a clay pot cooks slowly. On the other hand, food in a silver, steel, pressure cooker, or non-stick cook fast and quick. So change your utensils first. Be sure that the life of those who changed the pot will change.

2. Cooking oil:

Use cooking oil that never freezes. If you run your hand over the wall of your house, your hand feels like dirt, because the dirt freezes. The best oil in the world that does not freeze is olive oil. But it is expensive. For us, there is mustard oil. It also does not freeze. Mustard oil is the only oil that does not freeze for life. And if it freezes, it is not mustard oil.

One of the advantages of mustard oil is that whatever you put in it, it does not freeze. A living example of this is pickles.

The pickles that live inside the mustard oil do not get fungus. And God willing, when this same mustard oil enters your body, you will never have a stroke, epilepsy, or heart attack. Your kidneys will not fail. You will be safe from blood pressure for the rest of your life.


Mustard oil cleans the drains. When the drains are cleaned, the heart will not have to strain. The benefits of mustard oil are many. Today we all need mustard oil for a long and healthy lifestyle.

3. Salt (change salt)

What is salt?

Salt builds a person’s character. We should take the salt that comes from the soil. And that salt is still the best Pakistani (khewra pink salt) in the whole world.

Unfortunately, we bring iodized salt at home.

We stopped eating the salt that was supposed to make our character.

So I request you to always use rock salt, not iodine salt.

4. Sweet:

We all need something sweet to fuel our brains. And the sweet Allah has kept in the soil. That is sugarcane and molasses. And we stopped eating jaggery and started eating sugar. Use jaggery.

5. Water:

Water is the most important thing for humans. Without which human beings cannot survive. We should also drink water as it comes out of the soil. Aab Zam Zam is the best water in the whole world. And after that is the water that comes out from the earth.

Then use the wheat that comes out of the soil. But never sift the wheat and use it. Use the wheat as it comes. That is, without removing the semolina and flour, etc. Because our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) used to eat flour without sifting.

Keep the earthen water in a clay glass and drink it. And wheat flour with all these things. So in short summary for a long and healthy lifestyle, we should have to change these five things.

1- Use Pottery

2-Eat and make food in mustard oil.

3-use jaggery, not sugar.

4-Use rock salt, not iodine salt.

5- And drink groundwater in a clay glass

So it was decided that we should do these five things.

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