How smoking destroys male potency

How smoking destroys male potency

How smoking destroys male potency. Smoking is a bad habit and while it destroys our body in a very bad way, it is very harmful for men and causes infertility in them. Let us tell you some of the harms of cigarettes.

Damage to sperms:

smoking destroys male potency. Experts say that infertility increases in men who smoke. They say that the nicotine in cigarettes weakens the veins that go to the male organ, which makes men lose their pleasure. Similarly, due to nicotine and other toxic substances, men’s sperms begin to weaken, which leads to infertility.

Harmful to bones:

Experts say that nicotine, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances in cigarettes make our bones very weak. Research has revealed that people who smoke have pain in their bones and muscles. Weakness also occurs.

Blood becomes thick:

You must know that smoking causes heart diseases, the reason for which is said to be that the blood becomes thick and its circulation becomes difficult in the body and our body becomes prone to various diseases.

Sore to the eyes:

Cigarette smoke not only damages the eyes from the outside, but it also harms our eyes from the inside by joining the blood. Women who smoke during pregnancy may also have eye diseases in their children.

Harmful to skin:

Small pimples appear on the skin by smoking cigarettes, while experts say that the color of the skin also starts to change due to smoking.

Bad breath and teeth:

People who smoke cigarettes have an unpleasant smell from their mouths while their teeth become very dirty and decayed.

Poison killer for the lungs:

Cigarette smoke directly damages our lungs, due to which their performance is adversely affected. People who smoke cigarettes get all respiratory diseases. Also, lung cancer is caused due to smoking. It is a dangerous thing.

Harmful to the stomach:

Most of the smokers complain that they have heartburn. The reason for this is clear that smoking affects the performance of our stomach. Read more…



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