Top15 health benefits of fennel

Top15 health benefits of fennel

Top15 health benefits of fennel. Fennel is a very useful food, it is considered as seeds. Fennel is also known as (Badian) in Persian, (Raz yangj) in Arabic, (Sounf) in Urdu and (Fennel seed) in English. Its color is greenish yellow and its taste is sweet.

Fennel is an aromatic seed that is used to enhance the taste of food, and it is also eaten mixed with Paan, which removes bad breath and enhances the taste of Paan. Fennel seeds is very useful for many diseases, it has numerous benefits, it is very useful for removing stomach diseases. It is temperamentally hot.

Fennel seeds has innumerable medical benefits, some of which tell you, following are Top15 incredible health benefits of funnel seeds.

Top15 health benefits of fennel

1.. The fennel is considered to be a very effective food to remove kidney and bladder swelling.

2.. Grind one tea spoon fennel with 7 almonds and then eat half of it  daily with milk will improve eye sight day by day.

3.. Fennel seeds improves the digestive system.

4.. Gives immense benefit in stomach pain and colic.

5.. By rubbing fennel root in hand and then eat and drinking it will improves back pain.

6.. Fennel root removes the waste fluid of the stomach.

7.. Fennel seed is the best medicine for weak mind.

8.. Corrects spleen and bladder diseases.

9.. Fennel removes phlegm.

10.. Fennel root is useful for chronic constipation.

11.. Feeding fennel extract to children removes their indigestion complaint.

12.. It is useful to take a few drops of fennel oil for immediate relief of stomach ache.

13.. Eating a piece of fennel root relieves stomach irritation.

14.. Fennel also has properties similar to the female hormone, estrogen, in this sense it is very beneficial for women.

15.. By eating fennel with cold water stops nausea in fever and relieves stomach inflammation.

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